A walk through Casper's Park with Lewis and Monica

I had the pleasure yesterday to talk a walk with a couple of my friends last night.  Of course, I also brought my camera :)  I have not been to Casper's Park in a while, as a matter of fact, probably 10 years.  I camped in a tent and I remember the park being much smaller.  Now we have a nice camper to roll out to our favorite places but I am thinking we might add Casper's to the list.  If you are not aware of the park, it is off the Ortega Highway in Orange County, CA.  Here is a map. Back to the lovely couple...

I met Lewis at WPPI this year.  He is a friend of a friend and a wedding photographer and I liked him right off the bat.  He's kinda quiet but once you break the ice, you'll learn how nice and fun he is!  I met Monica for the first time yesterday but unlike Lewis, her personality reaches out to you like an old friend.  The two of them are cute - nauseatingly cute :)  Even after like a hundred years together, they still love to hold hands, cuddle and (ewww) kiss!  I found it refreshing to see the two of them together, showing their love for each other like they just met, when in reality I believe they have been together over 15 years and have been married for nine!

At some point Lewis mentioned pancakes and I couldn't get those darn fluffy, sweet, carb-laden gifts from God off my mind so afterwards, we hung out at a local IHOP for a meal.  I learned how Monica stalked her future hubby, how lewis drives and how they support each other.  I enjoyed their company so much that after an hour and a half of food and conversation, the time felt like too little.  I am glad to have such quality friends and I am proud to show them off to you!

P.S. Even though the pancakes were good, I still craved a nice lemon dessert!