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Assistant Instructors Graduate in San Clemente

Tonight was the mark of another new journey in the life of some of the GB Family. Scott, Chris, Steve, Angy and Kanai each graduated tonight and have officially earned their coach patch !

Congratulations guys, I remember the feeling when I first started the Instructors Program. I was excited and a little scared. Even though I spend a lot of time in front of people speaking, it took me a few times to work the butterflies out when it came to practice teaching in the program. I found that the structure of the classes and the topics were valuable when it came time to step out in front of a fundamental class for real. Having committed so much to muscle memory, made the classes flow from technique to technique and eventually to a successful class.

I also recall the feeling when I was presented with my kimono all decked out wth a coach patch. Needless to say, I was proud but it gave me a chance to reflect on where I had come from and consider where to go from here. I absolutely love passing on the knowledge that has been entrusted to me and I look forward to any opportunity to help someone learn an extra detail that will bring the BJJ game to a new level of understanding. Congraatulations again everyone, Ill see you on the mats.