Austin Area Family Photographer - Dancing moments

Photo info: NIKON D3 using the 85 mm | f/2.8 @ 1/160 ISO 1600

There are times, actually quite often, where I look at the photos of my kids and think back to them at the moments of those photos. I am glad that I capture these moments. Without them, I would likely remember how mikey plays with his food but not have the visual; or recall how silly grace can be but again, not have the image….

I take pride in documenting my children as they grow, learn, cry, annoy, test, achieve, succeed, enjoy, laugh, giggle, improve, play, teach … There is no better way to appreciate your family than through continual interraction, touch, play and photos.

Take this test: look at a photo of someone you love dearly…. and ask yourself. "If you lost that photo, what would you give to have it back?"

If you are like me, there is no limit to what I would give for a photo of my Grandma or Aunt…. This is why I do what I do for my family.

If you would like this caring attention to your family, kids or high school senior photos, contact me at 949-436-7374 .  The number is still a California; I will change it soon to one here in Austin.

Now, here is Mikey dancing with Grace :)