Austin Photographer - New to Austin weather

So far, the weather here has been great (in my opinion). I know that it is going to be almost umbearable in the summer but for now, I am enjoying the lower temps. The old saying goes "If you don't like the weather, in Texas, don't worry… it'll change soon" and I agree. On day we are all nice and mid 70s with a moderate breeze and the next it's a cold day with wind in the 20 mph range, and the following day it will be full of hail-producing thunderstorms.  On this morning, it was muggy, a little cooler and foggy!  The kids got a kick out of the fog, they couldn't even see the tops of the trees like they normally could!

I missed real thunderstorms. I have not been in a good one since I moved away from Iowa in 1993. Luckily, the thunder does not bother the kids - yet ;)