Finishing a 365 Project

THIS is how I am going to preserve my photo projects FOREVER :) A little background, a 365 project is a project that you do over the course of a year (365 days).  This is like the marathon of projects.  We all can run to the door for the pizza guy, or to the car in the rain but it would take some dedication and LOVE to train to run 26 plus miles.

Sure there are 5Ks you can take on but in the photo project world, the 365 project is the benchmark like a marathon is for runners.

Now back to the regularly scheduled program...

I will be taking a lot of photos this year with the Instagram app on my iPhone (LINK).  I tend to share them on Twitter (becoming my main source of social media), Facebook, Tumblr ( and Flickr.  FLICKR is the key to all of this.

If you are not familiar with Blurb yet, check them out (  Simply put, you can make your own books through this site.  Similar to the apple books but you have a bit more control PLUS one KILLER feature...  wait for it...


So, here is the workflow.

  • Take your photo each day
  • Upload it to Flickr
  • Build a blurb book (import from flickr, setup the pages, autoflow)

Now if you use instagram, just make sure that when you share the photo, share it to your flickr account too.

What's that?  You already have some images on Flickr that you'd like to do this with?  Cool, here is how I would do it:

  1. Check out your flickr photostream and get excited.
  2. Get Blurb (DOWNLOAD) and install it.
  3. Go through the Blurb "wizard" making sure to select "Photo Book".
  4. When it asks you where to get the photos, select
  5. Select how you wish Blurb to organize them - I pick "No thanks, I'll drag and drop my..."
  6. Choose your theme.
  7. Now, look down at the bottom of the Blurb BookSmart software, click on the first page after the copyright page (page 3).
  8. On the left you can see a LOOOOOONG list of picture layouts, I use one that is made up of 4 image spots (Image 1 Below)
  9. You will need to delete all the other blank pages, go ahead, I'll wait...
  10. Now, with page 3 selected, go to the right where the images are, select them all and click AutoFlow.
  11. Boom, you are done :) (Image 2 Below)

Image 1

365 project preserved with Blurb

Image 2

Preserve your daily photo project with blurb

Feel free to mix it up if you wish but know that the images that are sent to flickr from are not high res.  I chose to keep them all square (that's how instagram makes them) with a bit space around each image.  You do what you like, I'm sure it'll rock!

So, how are you preserving your projects?  Please let me know in the comments section below.

Oh, P.S. - for a really cool 365 project, my friend Paul Gero just wrapped up his over at One Camera. One Lens. One Photo a Day I can't wait to know how he plans to keep this project in the offline world!