Happy Father's Day - Some of my family photos



It is not that easy to get a photo of my dad - he is illusive and IF you can get one, it usually involved him replacing his face with a LARGE birdie finger :)  Here is one of him goofing with Grace when we moved to Austin back in March, I was able to sneak this one in because she had him otherwise occupied!

My dad has been a strong example in my life.  He has always been supportive of me.  He has always given me a reason to keep pushing for better in my life.  He is an accomplished businessman and sales person and has motivated me over time to be my best in both of those areas too. I remember him telling me once when I was a teenager, as encouragement; "You messed up!  You already showed me you have potential...  you have life by the balls, all you need to do is squeeze!"  He has always lead by example.  I have seen him build up a business only to watch it ultimately fail...  and seen him build up again and again since!  He is a living example to me that you can ONLY really succeed through failing forward.

I am also happy to be a dad and stand as an example for my family.  I look forward to seeing my children grow and mature into the people they are destined to be. This year Heather and I will welcome Joy Marie and bring the FINAL total Pesh Family count to 6.  Hare are some special moments of the past year in our family, I am happy to share this photography with you!wpid5591-Austin-Senior-Portraits-20121210-01.jpg

wpid5584-Austin-Senior-Portraits-20120905-01.jpg wpid5585-Austin-Senior-Portraits-20120910-01.jpg