I had only ONE shot...


Grace peacefully sleeping

Naptime around here is getting more and more elaborate as the kids get older.  Mikey needs a "nap drive" - a 30 minute MINIMUM trip in the car to ANYWHERE...  at least he transfers well from the car to his bed.  When that doesn't work, he tends to fall asleep on his floor by the locked door.  Grace on the other hand sometimes, flat-out will not go to sleep.  Her bed, nap-drive, begging and pleading...  none of it works.  What HAS been working though is letting her get comfy in our bed.  That is where this photo was made.  I had literally only one shot at this because I did not want to wake her.  Heck, naps are so precious I debated on take this shot at all - but I am glad I did.  She was deep in her peaceful slumber... love it!

Photo info: NIKON D3 using the 50 mm | f/2 @ 1/125 ISO 1600