Kids, Families and Xbox Live

This was the time of year that I love a lot.  The leaves are falling, Christmas is near and I am able to nerd out with some other older-than-the-normal-gamers for some Call of Duty on Xbox Live.  Don't judge, but I do sit there with an iced stimulant and some snack (Hershey's with almonds lately) and attempt to hold my own amongst the world's offering of 12 year old super hand-eye coordinated video gamers.  Needles to say, I ROCK!  Seriously, if you are on xbox live, my gamer tag is mPesh and I can use all the help I can get :) Anyway, this time of year also gets me photographing families.  I have a lot of fun with the family portrait sessions that I do because they let me into the lives of my clients just a little more.  Some of my clients have been in front of my camer from their engagement, through the wedding, for the birth of their children and off into the family portrait times.  It's fin to watch the kids grow up over time and it is especially fun for me to see the kids drive mom and dad crazy when it's time to say "cheese" :)

The parents are cool and all but I have to say, the kids are where I have the most fun and find the most inspiration....  maybe it's because I still like watching cartoon movies, or that I play video games, but whatever it is, they like me.  If only for the time we are shooting, they are cool little balls of energy, but they tend to take some of my suggestions and play along with my antics.  Just last night I was photographing a family and the eldest child, a boy, was trying HARD to keep a smile.  I thought he looked like a robot so I said so, and the cutest genuine smile showed up alongside a cute laugh.  Now, maybe he really did have a fun time, or he secretly is a robot in a kids body...  either way we connected and he let his mom know how fun the pictures were ("cause mike was funny").

I had a good time, and I loved the outcome so I thought I would share some recent family stuff: