Mike Colon Atlanta Workshop

I really cannot say enough about the workshops that Mike Colon puts on.  If you have the chance, I recommend this workshop, or any from Mike.  He is so approchable for someone with as much experience and success.  Even among 20 attendees, he is still there to help you take your skills to another level.  The conversations during the lecture times were very valuable. I have to say though that one of the best outcomes of the workshop was meeting all the cool folks!  It is great to be able to find people to connect with all over the country and I have to say that some of my favorite people (personalities) are from the south.  Not only is there sweet tea in abundance but there are sweet people!  Even though the workshop took place a while back, I am still in touch with many of those that I shared time with.

I hope stil to attend a longer, intensive workshop.  I think having all that extra time with the other attendees would be great, 2 days just was not enough!

There were so many people involved and below is the list but I want to personally thank Reggie Joiner for his hospitality.  The location was top notch, and Reggie, well, is the man.  His generosity was and is greatly appreciated.  Thank you Reggie!

*Studio for Workshop: Reggie Joiner, ReThink Offices
*Engagment Shoot:
Models: Blake Canterbury & Amy Bley (no website, but they are a part of
*Wedding Shoot:
-Waters Mill Inc: Rhonda & Jim Sheppard:
-Joy Thigpen Environments: Joy Thigpen:
-Impressions Bridal Salon: Allie:
-Make-up: Lauren Bricken:
-Invitations: Talie Shove from Paisley-Papers Stationary:
I have some images below from the workshop:

Day 1

Day 2

Sorry, can't show those yet!

Some behind the scenes images