Mikey's First Day of Soccer - Family day out in Austin/Round Rock

I am happy to have been around to photograph another FIRST for our family. Mikey set out to the soccer pitch today to learn some skills. Like any other 2 year old, his attention span was about as long as normal - maybe 2 minutes - but he seemed to have a lot of fun when he was engaged! Heather had to chase him down at one point and he had his little baggy of cereal with him to start but in the end, he had a blast!

It is moments like this that I am so happy to have been blessed with the skills for photography, so that I can make keepsakes of our family, from the normal to the extraordinary!

Please reach out to me to photograph your family, with the love and attention I put into my family photography, imagine what I can capture of your family!

Here is a video of the photos for you:

Photo info: NIKON D3 using the 200 mm | f/4 @ 1/400 ISO 200