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Trip to Tahoe

Well, it is actually Truckee, CA but close enough. We spent the better part of a week with Aunt Michelle, Uncle Gary, Cousin Grayson and the two pets Naddy and Charlie. It snowed a lot and we had fun hanging out, goign through Truckee and playing in the snow. Check em out.
Grace - lounging

Getting ready to toss some snow around!
The 11 year old puppy Nadine, hanging out on the back deck.
Jordan on the slopes...

Jordan and Grace playing int he hotel. We stopped in Bishop on the way back home, just to break up the drive a bit.

Purple nurple for brother ???
No, she is not tossing her cookies... she can totally handle her milk. I have seen her down like 12 ounces in ONE sitting before ! She is actually putting scraps of paper that she tore up into the garbage, and what follows was part of her game of "garbage lady".