Workshop images for Southern Weddings

I am pretty stoked right now :)   thanks to Mike Colon for the opportunity and for sharing my work. Recently, I attended Mike Colon Atlanta Workshop.  Aside from it being a killer educational opportunity, the second shoot afforded us a chance to be published :) :)  Take a look at the post on Southern Weddings Blog .  Here are the images that I submitted and on their site you can see what made it to their blog.  I would have expected to be published from a wedding before anything else but being published is just a blessing.

Here's a little update on the education and my path to becoming a standout southern california destination wedding photographer...  About 2 months ago, I began working closely with Mike Colon in a kind of a mentorship.  Well, not "kinda" - a real mentorship.  I will blog a bit more about how I find this level of education valuable but for now I will say that it is eye-opening, humbling and a challenge but I LOVE IT!  I am working every day to better my business, my technical skills and my network.  So if you find yourself in southern california and want to shoot together, or need a helping hand, let me know.

Now for the images...

Thanks to all the Vendors: Styling and decor: Joy Thigpen / Models: Susanna and Kenneth McMillian / Makeup and hair: Lauren Bricken / Invitations:Paisley Papers / Gown: Allie from Impressions Bridal / Lead photographer: Mike Colon / Location: Waters Mill Weddings and Events